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Exhibition "Wide angle, from figurative to abstraction"

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About : Exhibition "Wide angle, from figurative to abstraction"

His choices of angles and frames amaze, the eye of the pilot of the air feeds the artist who takes the audience in his imagination.

The light illuminates the eyes of his first portraits in black and white, inspired by the artists of the late nineteenth century, discovered from childhood. Olivier Dassault began his artistic career in the late sixties by borrowing from painting his romantic expressionism.

His photographs reveal two aspects of his personality:

- A poetic interpretation, testimony to his imagination, giving free rein to emotions and aestheticism;

- A constant technical research where light holds a preponderant place.

Freed from the constraint of realism, he explores color as a source of energy and tries to fix or recreate movement by cultivating effects. From the curve of bodies to that of the sky, from landscapes to urban visions, its environment becomes the material of its explorations. From year to year, Olivier Dassault emancipated himself and was guided by the everyday life of the Impressionists.

A new reality is born. He thus demonstrates that the invisible can transcend the visible. By his new prospects, he captures the major lines. This will assert itself in structured and quasi-linear series, through which it tries to grasp the inexorable flow of time in the trap of its darkroom.

True to his Minolta XD7 and the superimposition to the shooting, he modernizes his approach and affirms his own photographic language. For more than forty years, Olivier Dassault tries to move the viewer through his eyes, the diversity of his career and the construction of his work.

Through this vast retrospective, "Wide angle, from figurative to abstraction" exposes the artist himself, his moments of life, his encounters and his secrets. Mastering the technique, the public will appreciate the winks in Hamilton, Ernst Haas, Pete Turner or even Brassaï ... except that he does not photograph, he composes. Through the curves and geometrical lines of his ephemeral paintings, he paints the instantaneous.

Do not be surprised to discover some homages to Georges Braque, Lucio Fontana, Nicolas de Staël, Vassily Kandinsky, Soulages, along with synchronic interpretations of street art. Olivier Dassault is passionate, disobedient, elusive. It creates to remain free and dares unexpected dialogues.

6, avenue du Château de Malmaison 92500 Rueil-Malmaison France

Phone : 01 47 14 11 63

e-mail :


From 17/11/2017 to 26/02/2018 between 1.30 PM and 6 PM except on January 1st.
Closed on Tuesday.

Period: Autumn, Winter


Full price: 6 €.
Free entry for children < 18 years, the students.

Payment method : Cheque, Cash


Spoken languages : French


Accès : Depuis la Défense, Nanterre ou Rueil-Malmaison prendre le bus n°258 direction "La Jonchère" et arrêt "Le Château".
Depuis Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Le Pecq, Port-Marly ou Bougival, prendre le bus n°259 direction "Nanterre" et arrêt "Le Château".

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