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"Imperial City Mark" conference

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The Shock of Empires
Relations between France and Russia (1798-1870)
Under the direction of Jacques-Olivier Boudon, President of the Institut Napoléon, in partnership with the Revues Napoléon I and Napoléon III.

Between Russia's entry into the war against revolutionary France in 1798 and the fall of the Second Empire, relations between the two empires were made up of conflict and reconciliation, especially during the First Empire, when Napoleon I faced the Tsar Alexander, then under the Second, when Napoleon III defied Nicholas I before signing the peace with Alexander II. The victories of Austerlitz and then of Friedland lead to a treaty of alliance signed at Tilsit, which was not to resist Napoleon's will to power and the Russian campaign of 1812. But at the entrance of Napoleon in Moscow that of Alexander in Paris in 1814, then in 1815. The two empires will again confront each other from 1853 onwards in the Crimean War, before renewing the diplomatic relations concretized by the Paris congress of 1856, tsar in France in 1867. But beyond the cycles of war and peace, relations between the two empires were also economic, scientific and cultural; they are translated into numerous exchanges that promote travel between the two countries.
This symposium aims to better understand the richness of relations established between France and Russia during the Napoleon era.

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Saturday 2 December 2017.

Period: Autumn


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