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Spectacle "Histoires de loups"

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About : Spectacle "Histoires de loups"

If he is a character in the children's literature that makes everyone agree, it's the wolf. Terrifying or stupid, the adventures of the animal always captivate the children.

Children are taught to be afraid of the wolf, but they are finally told that wolves are either nice (or they are) or that they are always stronger than they are.

Synopsis: "A child who lives in a circus has a particular lover: a wolf and this wolf will make him discover the world through stories of wolves..."

Ready, set, go !
For wolf stories to shudder with pleasure...

Chemin du Pré Boni 92500 Rueil-Malmaison

Phone : 06 08 96 22 31

e-mail :


Sunday 10 June 2018 at 3 PM.

Period: Spring


Adult: 12 €, Child (7-12 years): 8 €.


Spoken languages : French

Client and group

Publics : Specially for children , Children


When you come from Rueil, take the road to Versailles. Enter the forest of Malmaison, pass in front of the pond of Saint-Cucufa and on your right you take the road of the Pre Boni. On the Trail of Interpretation, the stories begin...