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Theatre play "Elle...Émoi"

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About : Theatre play "Elle...Émoi"

This is a form of musical theater spiced with confessions and reflections on love, passion, the meaning of life.

At the end of a long career spent in the orchestra pit of the Paris Opera, a musician wonders about the place taken in his private life by his instrument. Far from being a tool of freedom, his instrument has gradually become a weight too heavy to carry. The desire is gone. Has he not reached a point of no return ?

A very beautiful question on life, coupled with a staging and scenography very successful since memories are associated 8 instruments that Emmanuel Van Cappel plays, actor but also musician, Conservatory teacher, author-performer.

2 avenue Alsace-Lorraine 92500 Rueil-Malmaison France

Phone : 01 41 96 90 60

e-mail :

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Saturday 10 March 2018 at 8.45 PM.

Period: Winter


One price: 18 €.


Spoken languages : French

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