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Workshops and family visits at Malmaison

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About : Workshops and family visits at Malmaison

Guided tours :

Duration 1 hour - 4,50 €.

The fabulous fate of General Bonaparte
The rooms of the castle and the works of the museum recount Napoleon's meteoric military and political ascent. The life and career of the famous general who was Consul and then Emperor will no longer have secrets for you.

A day with Joséphine

Relive a day of the Empress Josephine in Malmaison during the Consulate and the Empire.

Enter the Empress, discover her apartments and the reception rooms of the castle. The works and objects that accompanied Joséphine in her daily life are still there.

If Malmaison was told to me.

Guided visit from 5 years

During this visit punctuated by tales, small and large are invited to follow in the footsteps of Josephine and her grandson, the future Napoleon III.


During the school holidays or to celebrate their birthday, Malmaison offers the children playful workshops to discover the history of the castle, its collections and its inhabitants. 6 to 12 children - 10 € per child

Imperial pursuit

Visit-game 8-12 years

This trail run by a lecturer in the rooms of the museum allows to discover while having fun the history of Malmaison.

Jewelry and medals

Visit-workshop 8-12 years

Jewels of queens, ornaments of the Empress, medals of the Legion of Honor ... The collections of Malmaison illustrate the jewels worn by women and men and the Empire. Young visitors draw inspiration from these ornaments to make a jewel or a medal.

Trip to Egypt with Napoleon

Napoleon moved to Malmaison with Josephine on his return from Egypt. The visit will highlight various aspects of the influence of this military campaign on the decors and objects of the Malmaison as well as memories of his exploits in Italy.

Once in the workshop, each child will be offered a 3-dimensional model of a travel decor in Egypt, choosing from a variety of desert and pattern landscapes: pyramids, sphinxes, hieroglyphs, palm trees, oases , feluccas, camels, camps, ... ..

Workshop for 8-12 year-olds

Create a flower for Joséphine

Josephine adored flowers and roses in particular. Flowers are indeed painted on the walls, paintings and many objects to discover in the castle, not to mention the huge variety of flowers embellishing the garden.

After a photo safari in the castle and garden, in search of his favorite flower, everyone took inspiration from his photos, taken with his mobile phone or a polaroid made available, to recreate a flower for Josephine. This will then be integrated in a nice folder accordion decorated with flowers Josephine.

Workshop for 8-12 year-olds

Stylist of Josephine and Napoleon

During the visit of the castle, each one is invited to go in search of the wardrobe of Josephine, who could wear a different dress a day, and Napoleon, thanks to the observation of certain paintings.

Then, in the workshop, each one is invited to choose among a hundred fabrics "haute couture" to realize a new outfit for Joséphine or Napoleon. The fabrics thus chosen will be cut out and arranged on the silhouettes of Josephine or Napoleon which come from the paintings discovered during the visit.

Workshop for 10 -12 year-olds

The bestiary of Napoleon and Josephine

With a drawing book during the visit, each selects the animal

he likes it in the scenery of Malmaison and draws a few. Then, in the studio, these drawings will be integrated into a nice folding accordion decorated with animals that lived in Malmaison with Joséphine and Napoleon.

Workshop for 8-12 year-olds
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Avenue du Château de Malmaison 92500 Rueil-Malmaison France

Phone : 01 41 29 05 57

e-mail :

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From 21/10 to 05/11/2017, daily.

Period: Autumn


Spoken languages : French

Client and group

Publics : Specially for children


RER A / Rueil-Malmaison station or metro line 1 up to La Defense,
and then bus no. 258: ‘Le Château’ bus stop

Disabled access - only on the ground floor, Osiris lodge, car
lodge and park.

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