I love my bistro !

I love my bistro !

Drinking coffee at the counter, remaking the world at aperitif time with friends... so many moments that everyone misses ! While a large number of owners of establishments are in great difficulty, it is urgent to all mobilize to ensure the reopening of our favorite bistros !

How does it work ?

On thewebsite jaimemonbistrot.fr, everyone can, with a few clicks, support their favorite establishment in mainland France, by pre-ordering a consumption worth 1.50 € to 50 € for a voucher for a coffee at the counter, a drink on the terrace or a full meal. This voucher can be activated and used by the consumer in the bistro chosen upon reopening.

These amounts paid in advance will be collected immediately by the owner of the establishment to help him get through this closed period and facilitate the resumption of his activity.

The first 10,000 orders will be credited with an additional 50% funded by partners, for the benefit of consumers.

We need to show solidarity !

We all want to find these places of life that are cafes, bars, restaurants, brasseries, bistros, hotels ... and to share moments of conviviality as soon as possible. By pre-ordering on the website Jaimonbistrot, you thus ensure financial support for all the places of consumption registered on the platform. Today, and throughout France, already more than 4,750 establishments have opened their space on the website J'aimemonbistrot, testimony to their urgent need for help.

Everyone can also send a message of support to their favorite bistro and share the initiative around them with the hashtag #jaimemonbistrot