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Call for the collection of archives related to the Second World War

Call for the collection of archives related to the Second World War

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About : Call for the collection of archives related to the Second World War

Launched on 18 June 2020 at Mont-Valérien, on this 80th anniversary of the Call of General de Gaulle, this call for the collection of archives relates to the theme of the Second World War in Hauts-de- Seine and more particularly on Mont-Valérien, from summer 1940 to today. A true meeting point for the inhabitants of Hauts-de-Seine with their history, their memory and their archives, this collection will be an opportunity to supplement existing funds with deposits and private donations. It responds to a wish shared by the two institutions: to better know the history of the territory and to pass it on to its inhabitants.

Photographs, letters, correspondence, written, oral, notebooks, are all precious resources that can be collected during the European Heritage Days, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September 2020. Family heritage, sensitive, sometimes fragile, these archives will allow continue research, transmission and understanding of the Second World War and its memories. They are essential for writing the story of tomorrow.

2020 is a rich year and concentrates the anniversaries of key dates in our history and the memorial construction of the Second World War.
80 years ago, on 18 June 1940, General de Gaulle launched his call from London to continue the fight, to fight against the occupier. A call to join the ranks of the Resistance which led to the engagement of women and men throughout the country, for human rights, for freedom and for the future.

20 years later, in 1960, General de Gaulle, then President of the Republic inaugurated the memorial of fighting France at the foot of the main place of execution by the German army, Mont-Valérien.
Today we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of this High Place of homage, recognition and commemoration of all the struggles against oppression and repression.

It is also within the framework of the next celebrations linked to the 80th anniversary of the end of the Second World War that this call for collection is launched. It is our responsibility to preserve these testimonies, to honor them and to perpetuate their promotion and their transmission.

Avenue du Professeur Léon Bernard 92150 Suresnes

Phone : 01 47 28 46 35

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From 18/06 to 18/09/2020, daily between 9 am and 6 pm.

Period: Spring, Summer


Free access.

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Spoken languages : French


Ligne L Paris Saint Lazare - Versailles Rive Droite - Arrêt gare de Suresnes
Ligne U La Défense - La Vérrière – Arrêt gare de Suresnes-Mont-Valérien
A la gare, prendre la sortie Hôpital Foch, puis monter la rue du Calvaire jusqu'à arriver sur l'esplanade du Mémorial.

RER A La Défense ou ligne n° 1 La Défense puis bus n° 360 (arrêt Mont Valérien ou Hôpital Foch Cluseret)

T2 La Défense Porte de Versailles - Arrêt Suresnes Longchamp

Porte Maillot - Pont de Suresnes

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