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Open Air Puppets ShowOpen Air Puppets Show

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About : Open Air Puppets Show

The creation of the Little Theater Company dates back to 1981.

In 2004, Bernard SAIGNE, President of the Compagnie du Petit Théâtre, Patrick OLLIER, Deputy Mayor of the City of Rueil-Malmaison and Michel Ricard, Deputy Mayor, plan to create a castelet in the 19th century open-air theater tradition century.

It is located on the promenade of the banks of the Seine, near the romantic impressionist park, behind the Claude Monet school, in a green environment, in the Rueil-sur-Seine district, 200 meters from the Place de l ' Europe.

Once upon a time, Guignol ...

Guignol was born at the beginning of the 19th century of the imagination of a canon Lyon named Laurent Mourguet. The legends go hand in hand with tradition and allow the specialists to engage in magnificent wrestling on some very specific questions. These "specialists of very sharp subjects", could say Guignol, are people who to the limit "know almost everything on almost nothing"!

Guignol's birth certificate does not exist. Perhaps he was born in 1808 (according to Tracrède de Visan) and if the first official trace is in 1838, it can be thought that it already existed between 1815 and 1820. As for why Guignol is called "Guignol" It's worse! The phrase "c'est guignolant" means "c'est funôle"! But we do not always agree on the meaning of the expression! Another hypothesis, a distortion of "guign'oeil": but our character does not squinch! Let us add to our belief that we can also construct a hypothesis around "guigne", the "cherry" in the Franco-Provençal domain and the expression "worry about it as a guigne", ie " Make fun of it ". Why not either.

But it is still towards the theater of the 18th century that we will tend to seek an explanation. It should be added that the Théâtre de Guignolet, set up in Paris on the Champs Elysées, and directed by Guentleur, could hardly have been inspired by the name of the character of Mourguet, but our aim is not to find Parisian origins for puppets in the provinces of France !

Let us note only that Mourguet may have abandoned the character of Polichinelle, whose leading role in the 17th century is obvious, for another character influenced also by the theater of the same era. But Polichinelle is a character out of the world that he surrounds, by his costume, his voice and his style: an aristocrat, somehow downgraded! Guignol is more a representative of this type of "valets of comedies" carrying the hopes of the third-state.

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23 rue Auguste Perret 92500 Rueil-Malmaison France

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From 01/04 to 30/09, every Sunday at 4.30 pm.

Period: Autumn, Summer, Spring


Adult: from 3 €.

Accessibility Disability


Spoken languages : French

Activities : Theatre

Activities : Entertainment , Theatre